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Guide to Buying the Best Cologne for Men


There are thousands of colognes on the market to choose from so it will be difficult to say what the best cologne for men is. It is of little consequence when making a purchasing decision whether the cologne claims to boost masculinity or attract ladies, and the reason is because most cologne for men boast of these abilities. The best cologne for a particular man is cologne that fits well his personality and lifestyle. There are some basic factors that you need to consider when shopping for men's cologne. These factors include the activity level of the man, what his interests and hobbies are, what his existing preferences and brand loyalties are and how important wealth and status are to him.


The strength of the cologne a man should be wearing depends on whether he is by nature active or not. So, a man who is always on the go may require a strong scent to mask the unpleasant smell of perspiration, while a person who does not do much may not need a strong one. There are also brand that are recommended for athletes, which make a line of cologne especially for the sports minded person. Heavy fragrance may not be appropriate for one who has allergies or one who works a desk job in a crowded office. Mild scents are usually labeled as fruity or citrus. For heavy scents, ask for low note fragrances to sample or look for descriptive words such as leather, wood, rich, and deep. Know more at this website!


It is also important to consider the interests of man when looking for the right fragrance that would best suit him. A clue to choosing the right cologne is finding out whether he enjoy s water sports or art galleries. A person who enjoys the woods may prefer nature brand scents, and a person who loves motorcycles may appreciate a scent that reminds them of leather. Read more about fashion at this website http://www.mahalo.com/clothing/.


If you are buying best cologne for men for a loved one, think of what bring to mind a particular type of scent. This may not be the fragrance he will use daily but as a romantic scent for a special occasion it would be a wonderful gift. If a man loves the outdoors, look for descriptive works like woodsy or earthy. If a person does not enjoy the outdoors or has allergies, you may want a mild odor.  A man who appreciates the finer things in life may be more impressed with cologne with artistic packaging or an expensive sounding brand name. Choose reasonably priced colognes for the quality they offer.